And God Was Watching

What has crippled your Christian life?  Are your memories too painful?  Do you ever feel like God could never use you because of your past?

Sometimes the difficulties we deal with in life, whether our fault or not, crush our dreams and leave us spiritually broken.  We give up because we feel useless due to the damage that has been done to us or that we've caused.  Would it surprise you to find out, as hurtful as some situations are that God is watching?

In this biography of Billy Wayne Arrington, authors Janet Gibson and Billy Wayne Arrington tell his story of living a Christian life when everything seemed to be working against him.  And God Was Watching is a story of trials, tragedy, and triumph.  No one ever said living a Christian life would always be easy, but if it doesn't cost anything, it isn't worth very much.  May you be challenged to persevere by the life and inspiration of Billy Wayne Arrington.